The management board

Our management board was elected by the members in December 2018 and currently consists of eight volunteers.


Howard West


Howard has lived in Colyford for 18 years. He was previously Chairman of a large public company and Mayor of Colyford for three years. He is also currently a member of Colyton Parish Council. His main pastime interest is motorsport. 


Charles Hill


Charles is a retired teacher who has lived in Colyton since 2006. He is married with three adult children and plays an active role in the local church.


Phil Johnson


Phil and wife Sarah have lived in Colyton for ten years and have two grown-up children and one granddaughter. Phil is a learning and development professional, working nationally and internationally. He sings with local sea shanty group the Chantry Buoys.


Paul Arnott

Board of Management

Paul works as an author and television producer. He is leader of East Devon District Council and chairman of the East Devon Alliance. He was chairman of the committee which built the Reece Strawbridge Centre. His four children grew up and went to school in Colyton.


Barrie Hedges

Board of Management

Barrie is a retired journalist and PR consultant who came to live in Colyton five years ago. He plays a leading role with the traders group Totally Locally Axminster. He has two daughters, and five grandchildren and his great passions are gardening and writing.


Colin Pady

Board of Management

Colin’s family have farmed in Colyford since 1632. He was born in the village and farmed here for 45 years prior to his retirement four years ago. He has five children who have all been brought up locally and has been a member of Colyton Parish Council for 42 years.


Ian Priestley

Board of Management

Ian has lived with his family in Colyford for eight years. He is a retired money broker who has worked in Switzerland and in the City of London. He is Chair of the Colyford Residents Association and is involved with Beer Scouts and Axe Yacht Club.


Andrew Shepperd

Board of Management

Andrew is the third generation of his family to live in Colyton. He went to Colyton Primary School (as does his 10-year-old son) and the Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis. He works as an engineer at his father’s Colyton Garage and his hobbies are ‘anything car related’.