Affordable homes on the CeramTec site

Delivery of affordable homes for local people on the former CeramTec site will necessitate a team effort in which the Colyton & Colyford Community Land Trust (CLT) aims to become a key partner.

We are proposing that a partnership in the form set out below will deliver a comprehensive redevelopment of the site (excluding the employment area) in a manner that will provide a positive legacy for Colyton.

The full team includes:
Homes England — site owner.
Development partner — Homes England’s selected developer who will be responsible for the delivery of the residential and open space element of the site.
Housing Association  — the developer’s selected affordable housing partner who will manage the affordable homes and take on the long-term ownership of the shared ownership units.
East Devon District Council Housing Team — will verify the mix of affordable homes required to meet local needs.
Colyton & Colyford Community Land Trust — Will take on the long-term ownership of the affordable rent units and input into decisions related to these units. Will also potentially take on the long-term ownership of the open space on the site.

The CLT is keen to work in partnership with Homes England’s selected developer partner and its chosen HA to deliver a comprehensive scheme providing affordable homes for local people. The Trust was registered as a Community Benefit Society in June 2018 to help provide affordable homes and other important services for the benefit of the community. It is a democratic organisation run by volunteers with membership open to anyone supporting its objectives.

The CLT operates using a model promoted by Wessex Community Assets (trading as the Wessex Community Land Trust) which has to date worked with some 40 community land trusts across Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

The project is likely to unfold in stages:

  • Stage 1: Homes England achieves outline planning permission from EDDC which will include Section 106 agreements setting out obligations to be met.
  • Stage 2: Homes England appoints a development partner via a conditional contract which in turn identifies its HA partner. By retaining the freehold of the site through the development stage, Homes England ensures that the scheme is delivered in accordance with the planning consent, including the number of affordable homes.
  • Stage 3: A formal ‘heads of terms’ agreement is made between the developer and the CLT.
  • Stage 4: An application for all ‘reserved matters’ is submitted thereafter by Homes England and its selected development partner. The CLT will work with the HA and the development partner on the affordable rented element of the application (ie the location of homes, layout and appearance etc). Once the reserved matters application is granted, the conditional contract is completed and the sale to the developer goes unconditional.
  • Stage 5: The freehold of the affordable housing plots is transferred to the CLT which simultaneously disposes of the long leasehold interest (125 years) to the Housing Association.

In this way, the CLT can secure land in perpetuity for the community and help provide local homes for those living, working or having family in the parish. This is enshrined in the agreements binding the council, developer and CLT.

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