Delivering homes

9 November 2018: WHILE Homes England will ultimately sell the former CeramTec site in Colyton to a developer, its involvement in the process of delivering homes — including affordable ones — will be close.

Information it has made available to the Colyton & Colyford Community Land Trust shows that it will sell the land under a lease mechanism to ensure that it retains an overriding freehold interest. This means the Agency can ensure that the developer delivers in line with previously agreed timings and details such as the number of affordable homes in the overall mix.

This is Homes England’s step-by-step guide to disposal of the site.

Homes England is the new housing delivery organisation that has been created by the Government to tackle the long-term housing challenges facing the UK. Its mission is to play a far bigger role in investing in supply and intervening in the market to help deliver 300,000 homes a year by the middle of the next decade.

Homes England will act differently from its predecessor, bringing together money, land, expertise and planning and compulsory purchase powers to accelerate the supply of new homes and address affordability issues in areas of highest demand.



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