A housing needs survey undertaken for Colyton Parish Council in October 2017 revealed a need for 36 affordable homes within the parish (covering Colyton and Colyford) over the next five years.

The cheapest house on the local market at the time of the survey cost some £220,000. There were only five homes for sale at less than £300,000 and none at less than £200,000.

Of the 36 homes required, 31 sought rented accommodation, whilst five could possibly afford a shared ownership property. The survey identified a need for:

  • 20 one or two-bedroom homes for single people/couples
  • 8 two-bedroom homes for families
  • 7 three-bedroom homes for families

How do I apply for an affordable home?

We are obviously some way away from being able to make our first affordable homes available to families who need them. As a first step, you should register with Devon Home Choice (the county housing register) in order to verify your legitimate need for affordable housing. Please also join the Colyton & Colyford Community Housing Trust and in doing so let us know that you would like a home in the parish.

When the time comes, the allocation process is likely to be along the following typical lines:

  • The Community Land Trust, the District Council and the appointed housing association will agree criteria for allocating homes
  • Typical criteria from other CLTs are that applicants should:
    1. Have lived in the parish for the previous five years
    2. Have worked in the parish for the previous two years
    3. Have family who have lived in the parish for five years

Some terms explained

Help to buy

New Homes only; 5% deposit required; loan for 20% of total; interest-free for five years


Shared ownership

Own 25-75% of property, pay rent on the remainder; schemes for young, long-term disabled, over 55s


Affordable housing (which could include self build if available)

Affordable rent – up to 80% of comparable private rent

Social rent – lowest rents (target rents) set nationally based on 70% of local rents adjusted by local property prices compared with national figures and local incomes compared with national figures.

Intermediate housing – homes for sale and rent provided at a cost above social rent, but below market levels.



Please note that the above are subject to eligibility including household income. The information is provided for outline guidance only.