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1 September 2018 -

THE Colyton & Colyford Community Land Trust has today published its website and will be using it in the coming months to promote membership.

More than 40 people have already joined following the launch meeting in July, and the Trust’s Board is hoping many more will now download the membership application from the website here. Ready printed forms will also be available at several locations in Colyton and Colyford.

Membership is achieved by buying just one share at a cost of £1 and entitles those who join to vote at general meetings. Members can also put themselves forward as a member of the Board and vote in a board election.

The structure established means that the Trust is owned and run by the community for the benefit of those who live here. Shares will never be worth more than the initial investment and could even reduce in value. They will not be subject to shareholder dividends.

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