Newsletter – January 2019

20 January 2019: AFTER six months of operation, the Colyton and Colyford Community Land Trust has given its members a progress report as follows:

Since the land trust’s incorporation in June 2018 the board (founding members) has been engaged in preparation work including the enrolment of new members, establishing a website ( and organising finance. All done under the helpful and watchful eye of Wessex Community Land Trust Partnership. During this time Elaine Stratford was added to the board.

The next step forward was the formal election of the board of directors at the Special General Meeting on 15th December 2018 when the following were elected; Charles Hill (Chair), Paul Arnott (Secretary) Phil Johnson (Treasurer), Jan Brand, Barrie Hedges, Mark Mann, Colin Pady, Andrew Shepperd, Elaine Stratford, Howard West.

In terms of objectives our first concern is the delivery of affordable housing (for rent) for those with a connection to the Colyton Civil Parish (which includes Colyford).

We met with Homes England following its proposals to develop the Ceramtec site to advise of the CLT’s interest in the provision of affordable housing and discuss how the CLT could assist in its delivery. Our interest was received positively and we await the outcome of their planning application. Our involvement however is not guaranteed we are therefore identifying other development possibilities that we may be able to take forward. We are happy to be contacted by landowners who would like to consider working with us to achieve our aims.

We will also start work in formulating our draft allocations policy so that housing will be available to those with a Colyton/Colyford connection.

To allow us to continue to discuss, explore possibilities, inform existing and actively recruit new members we are applying to East Devon District Council for start-up grant support from the Community Housing Fund.

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