How does the CLT membership work, can anyone be a member?

Any member of the community who supports our objectives is very welcome to become a member. You can become a member by buying one or more £1 shares. As a shareholder, you will then be entitled to one vote and to stand for election to the Board of Management.

How is the CLT structured and who is it accountable to?

We are incorporated as a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under No 7794 and are accountable to our members. We came together as volunteers and initially elected a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary who along with our other members were the founding Board who began the work of setting up the CLT. […]

How does the CLT keep abreast of latest government initiatives and constraints?

We benefit greatly from the professional advice we receive from the Wessex Community Land Trust Project. We additionally receive advice from housing experts at East Devon District Council, and we are a member of the National Community Land Trust Network.

How does CLT work with East Devon District Council, Colyton Parish Council and planning department and developers?

A: It was Colyton Parish Council who originally suggested that the need for affordable homes might be addressed by an independent Community Land Trust and should be explored. The CLT makes its own decisions with professional guidance from The Wessex Community Land Trust Project. We will continue to work in the interest of the community […]