Are there any examples of other CLTs being successful in providing affordable housing?

Yes indeed, there are many. We have several local ones on our website here. And wider examples can be found here. According to the National Community Land Trust Network, there are now almost 290 Community Land Trusts in England and Wales, and the sector has grown six-fold in the last six years. Community Land Trusts have […]

Whose responsibility is it to address infrastructure pressures resulting from new development?

The planning authority (in this case East Devon District Council) considers infrastructure issues in determining the planning application. In doing so it takes advice from the relevant authorities responsible for highways, water, sewage, education etc.

Does the CLT support protection of the green wedge?

Our role is not to make planning judgements – that responsibility rests with the Parish and District Councils. We will assess any site that comes to us on its merits for affordable homes, but the planning decision is not for us.

What is there is no land available in our town?

Experience elsewhere is that once a CLT is formed and begins to look at sites and talk to local land owners, sites often come forward that were previously unavailable. One reason for this is that land owners can be attracted to the community benefit of selling land to a CLT for community led homes.