We have lift-off

21 July 2018 -

THE Colyton & Colyford Community Trust was formally introduced to the public at a launch event at the Reece Strawbridge Youth Centre on 21 July 2018.

Charles Hill, the acting chair of the Trust’s Board, explained to more than 40 people who came along to the event the legal framework that had been established, with registration as a Community Benefit Society having been completed in recent weeks.

Charles introduced the other members of the Board and expressed appreciation in particular to the Wessex Community Land Trust Project for its excellent guidance to date, and to Colyton Parish Council for its support. He emphasised the democratic nature of the Trust and its willingness to listen to the community it represented. He stressed that its effectiveness will depend upon the support it receives from the community, and encouraged individuals to take up membership.

A short presentation (available here) included the work of other Community Land Trusts in the region and the affordable housing projects they had undertaken. 

Charles explained that the Trust was a not-for-profit organisation independently run by volunteers. The community-led projects such trusts can handle include developing and managing homes as well as other assets. In the case of housing, its job was to act as a long-term steward, ensuring that it remained genuinely affordable, not just now but in perpetuity.

The Trust is now starting to look at how it can help to meet the need for affordable housing in the town and is open to suggestions on potential sites and happy to talk to land owners and developers as opportunities arise. 

Charles said after the meeting: “The audience was receptive and appreciative and the early take up of membership suggests a good level of support for what we hope to achieve. We very much hope others will now join us as we we begin an exciting journey for the people of Colyton and Colyford.”

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